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2020 Vision

So its a new year and here I am kicking it off with a blog. Yep, I hear your cries of "you've said that before" .

However this time I'm intending to use this to discipline myself when it comes to creating my images. You know how it goes, if you write it down it clears the head and allows you to think creatively.

I don't want the blog to be all "techy blah blah" . My goal is to offer my perspective on creating, and to challenge myself to produce a meaningful cohesive body of work.

I have a half a dozen or so personal projects I want to complete this year and I am hoping that by sharing my ideas, you can hold me accountable to follow through with them.

I hope you guys find this new space interesting. I’ll do my best to keep things relevant.

Also make sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated with all the latest blog posts.

Happy New Year.....

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