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My photography needs to be better than it is..

My wife, god bless her cotton socks, is a very patient woman. She is married to a mid 40's male who is an introvert by nature, suffers from sever obsessive compulsion, and can be crippled by his fear of doing and failing.

All of this is evident in many aspects of my life but is especially noticeable in my photography. Those that follow my social media accounts will have seen my many phases over the years:

- Your stock standard portrait photography, don't get me started on my wedding photography... appalling!

- All things vintage and my attempt to keep hold of days gone past, many of which were long before my time!

- My conceptual almost child like attempt at make believe, to believe in the impossible.... grow up man!

- My once in a blue moon travel shots, which in my opinion are nothing more than good travel snaps!

- My obsession of the last two years.... Melbourne... hmmmm what's so unique about these?

At the end of the day I look at my images from all these different phases and think, "yeah, ok, the story can be so much better". Because that's what photography is about. Telling a story.

While this may all sound very self deprecating, it's not meant to be. One thing I do pride myself on is my powers of self observation. I know what I am passionate about. I know my personality type and I understand the things that stop me from sticking my neck out. I know what cripples me from going, doing and taking.

So by using these super powers of observation, I am intending to mix it up in 2020. I'm going to look at the bigger picture. Use my OCD to work out how to put myself out there. Use all the elements of photography that I love to tell an awesome story. Work harder at it, but work smarter, remove the stuff I obsess over so I am focused in other areas of life. Follow through on the aspects I hate and avoid, marketing, website maintenance, blah blah blah.

So why am I telling you this? For the same reason I mentioned in my earlier blog. So you can hold me accountable. As a father, I need to lead the way, show my kids they can do or be anything they want to. Dream big, be persistent and work hard. How can I do that when I struggle with it myself

Thanks for taking the time to read this waffle, and make sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated with all the latest blog posts.

Coffee.... I should take more photographs with a coffee theme.... mmmm...


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